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Project Details

Master Plan

Designed by Daniel Fischer, Landscape Architect with EMC Engineering, Inc. and a member of the Board of Directors who he donated his time and company resources to prepare the Master Plan resulting in a Gift-In-Kind to LePageville Memorial Cemetery, Inc. in the amount of $2,800.00

The Master Plan reflects the goals and mission statement of the supporters of LePageville Memorial Cemetery, Inc. This includes preserving and enhancing the cemetery as a historical landmark, paying tribute to those buried there, and developing the site as beautiful, restful, and green environment for all to enjoy to enjoy. The plan provides for an arrival area with a small parking lot, history sign, decorative fence with brick columns, and a wrought iron entry arch. A brick walkway brings visitors into the cemetery beneath the arch to a paved gathering area that features a memorial stone and benches. Walking trails with memorial benches and interpretive signage are designed to guide visitors throughout the remainder of the site offering a peaceful and informative experience under the canopy of the existing trees.

Master Plan Elements:
• Entrance Arch
o Landscaping
o Lighting
• Perimeter Fence
o Brick columns w/ Wrought iron
o Black chain link
• On-site Parking Area
• Brick Walkway
• Memorial Stone
• Gathering Area w/ Benches
• Information Sign
• Flagpole
• Walking Trail
• Memorial Benches w/ Landscaping
• Interpretive Signs
• Understory Clearing
• Secondary Entrance
• Service Gates

Project Gallery

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