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LePageville Stories

The Building of LePageville

Savannah Morning Newspaper Article dated June 13, 1888 transcribed by Elaine Jolly. Scanned Article provided by Patricia Jenkins, researcher.

The Founding of LePageville

In Elaine Jolly's college paper "The Founding of LePageville: A Legacy to African Railroad Workers" she writes about how the LePageville community began.


In Martha L. Keber's book "EBB and FLOW: Life & Community in Eastern Savannah", the history of LePageville is well documented.

  • Keber, Martha L. Ebb and Flow; Life & Community in Eastern Savannah. Savannah, GA: City of Savannah, Department of Cultural Affairs, 2011. Reproduced with permission of the City of Savannah Municipal Archives.

Free copies were available to City residents, though there was limited supply. The publication was not intended for sale.

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