The preservation efforts of the LePageville Memorial Cemetery have been led by a small group of dedicated individuals for many years.


Despite limited resources, significant progress has been made towards memorializing the legacy of the LePageville  community and cemetery.


 Thanks to a grant from Savannah State University, the gateway arch was refurbished and an interpretive sign was installed.  






. LePageville Memorial Cemetery Corporation is a non-profit, tax exempt 501 (c) 3 organization dedicated to preservation of this 19th century African-American cemetery which is located on LePageville Drive off President Street in Savannah, GA.

The group's mission is to raise community awareness and funds to fulfill our dream of interpretive signage, green spaces, walking trails, and landscaping consistent with the historical, cultural, and preservation goals of historic Savannah and Georgia.




  •   Clear Understory

  •   Install Perimeter Fence

  •   Walking Trails

  •   Landscaping

  •   Memorial Monument

*Regular Clean-up Days

*LePageville Drive naming and dedication

*Annual Gospel Concert

*Workshop presented by Melissa Jest, Georgia Historic Preservation Division, Oct. 2017

*"Restored Lives & Legacies: Sketches from the Savannah’s LePageville Community", April 2018, a symposium sponsored by Georgia Humanities and Savannah State University


LePageville Memorial Cemetery is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, tax-exempt organization.


We will provide a letter of acknowledgement on letterhead for all donations and in-kind support.


Mr. Dan Fischer

1011 Juanita Street

Savannah, GA 31410

Get Involved

*Become a supporter.


*Partner with us on Clean-up Saturdays!

*Share your LePageville memories.

*Share your time and talents.

*Provide professional arborist service.


President, Kenneth Rouse and Treasurer, Daniel Fischer were guests on WTOC Mid-Morning Live.




April 2, 2016

Unveiling of the new LePageville Drive Street Sign

LePageville MCC

dan Fischer